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Open Air Shows

Mr Alexander’s unique Travelling Show stage creates the vintage atmosphere that perfectly complements his show and allows everyone a great view. Shows include magic, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion and, on occasions, a spectacular fire routine. Each show is closely choreographed to vintage jazz, transporting the audience back in time to the days of Vaudeville and Music Hall. Many of his routines have developed from the improvisations and eventually, once they have earned a place in the show proper, they become classics of skilled performance, enjoyed and admired by adults and children alike. Performances after dark are possible as the stage is well lit. These can also include film presentation, subject to licensing arrangements. Mr Alexander can also screen an award-winning documentary, made by Rhys Edwards, all about his life as a travelling entertainer and recount hilarious tales of his extraordinary life on the road in Britain today.

Cabaret Show

Mr Alexander also performs at smaller events or for more personal and private occasions. The cabaret show includes some of the amazing illusions, juggling and magic as seen in the Open Air Show and some extra hot fire performance. It is ideal for family celebrations, adult-only audiences or where there maybe isn’t the space for the stage or where an inside show is specifically required. An evening might also typically include some close up magic around tables or Mr Alexander acting as MC for the evening. He regularly works alongside other performers, including musicians and bands and comfortably improvises routines to live music and comperes evenings with consummate skill.

Mix & Mingle

Where space or budget is tight, Mr Alexander can use any surroundings as a stage, weaving between the audience or around tables to present close up performances involving magic and juggling, performing to very small groups or individuals. The entertaining Great British eccentric character of Mr Alexander is maintained throughout the experience and includes close up routines too small for the cabaret or stage shows. He also becomes Verity V, a floating female who drifts through audiences and spaces, performing close up magic to small groups and individuals, moving in and around the audience, challenging perceptions of gender definition with mime, poetry and movement.

About Mr Alexander

Mr Alexander’s Travelling Show guarantees to amuse, entertain and delight the crowd, offering a captivating variety show,featuring juggling, unicycling and a world of magic and illusion. Perfectly choreographed to ragtime and modern jazz, the show appeals to both young children and adults who are equally in awe of Mr Alexander’s tricks from the spectacular and gravity defying three chair balance to his fascinating linking ring routine!

The magically traditional show is set against the colourful and unique travelling Victorian theatre, and has an essence of traditional vintage travelling shows of the 1920’s & 30’s. Mr Alexander and his show have travelled all over the UK for over 40 years, performing at festivals, open air events and cabarets, and has gained a fan base of people who admire his amazing tricks and illusions and his eclectic lifestyle, some of whom have grown old(er!) watching the show and have introduced their children to his more recent events. The travelling theatre box not only serves as the perfect backdrop to the variety show but also as part of Mr Alexander’s home! Mr Alexander lives in his vintage lorry along with his two dogs, Mimi and Blue, if you’re lucky, they might even perform some tricks too!


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