Mr Alexander’s workshop are varied and original as his shows. The workshops are bespoke designed, varying on the aims of the commissioning organisations. They fall broadly into the below three categories, although elements of all 3 are often combined. Mr Alexander’s workshops offers a unique and enjoyable learning experience for participants whether it is for a simple one off event or a series of sessions.

Circus Workshops

Mr Alexander has developed the Circus workshop into an art form, using the circus as a tool of personal and social education and allowing participants to really enjoy themselves. He used the full range of circus equipment and everything is explained carefully so that the participants feel empowered to give it a go themselves. Not only is the circus workshop a physical challenge, but as the workshop progresses, the leaning points can be adapted into everyday situations, from the importance of recognising our attitudes to failure to understanding our own different leaning styles.

Drama Workshops

Mr Alexander has used drama as a learning medium from being a full time drama teacher. His sessions are guaranteed to involve even the most reticent and can be devised to follow any theme. Whether this is towards a performance or celebration or just for it’s own sake. The classic drama workshop allows participants to examine the phenomenon of being human in all its aspects in an easy and enjoyable way. The drama sessions are fun, energetic and challenging with no prior expertise or experience needed.

Theatre Workshops

As co-founder of Cat’s Paw Theatre, Mr Alexander uses the techniques of Forum Theatre to further explore themes for those with some theatre experience. The sessions can be adapted for amateur or professional actors, or for those with an interest in theatre. Forum Theatre offers a fascinating analysis of personal and social issues through improvisation, developing a unique ‘rehearsal for reality’ which can change lives in extraordinary and powerful ways. The techniques learnt from the forum theatre can considerable expand the actor’s repertoire of skills.