It was a wonderful show and it really made our day, your entertainment is sadly becoming a thing of the past - we never thought we would see the likes of it again in our lifetime, something that was commonplace when we were growing up.

Mr Alexander’s Travelling Show is a traditional open-air vintage variety show of magic, music, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion.

It is a unique and memorable family show seen at festivals, rallies, events, galas and venues throughout Britain. Mr Alexander brings an extraordinary array of talents to his shows and a warm endearing personality that makes audiences want to stay and come back time and time again.

Watch his short film below.

Read what people have said about him here. See where he is performing here. Enquire about booking him here. Read his blog here.

Film maker Rhys Edwards followed Mr Alexander over many months of 2014, creating a wonderful documentary about the life of the nomadic entertainer. The film was entered into several film festivals and won a number of awards. It was chosen to feature on National Geographic, and can be seen here.

This is a much-shortened version of that film.

The full length version, with original music by Maff Potts, (listen to three of his tracks here) is available on DVD from Mr Alexander, priced £10 plus postage. Contact him here.

Other work by Rhys Edwards can be seen here.

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