New for 2014

A few good things to report for Summer 2014 which is shaping up as another great season.  Firstly, one side of the lorry has been painted.  Mural artist Greg MacMillan has created a wonderful trompe l’oeil mural on the side.  Here’s what it now looks like:

This was taken at the British Library when I did a show there in October and turned quite a few heads. (Oh yes I appear at all the very finest British venues!).  Greg is aiming to do the other side soon which will be the rear of the house. Then it’ll be the cab which I think will be traditionally painted in showman’s burgundy and hand painted gold line work. Greg has amazing talent which you can see at a distance as in this photo, but up close the detail is superb.  Do try and come and see it for youself.

The calendar for 2014 is up on the website ( A few new festivals.  Check out the website  for details of the Vintage Nostalgia show ( in Wiltshire which promises to be a lovely event.  Vintage Nostalgia?  Very me, don’t you think? Another new one for me which is provisional at the moment but I am confident it will be confirmed; the Rhythmtree Festival on the Isle of Wight (  I love the Isle of Wight and would live there if I ever won the lottery.  Not that I do it, I just dream of winning!

I’m really looking forward to the Just So Festival at Rode Hall in Cheshire in August.  Again just provisional at the moment, but I’m optimistic.  It was certainly my favourite event of 2013.  A really creatively designed event with so much to do, especially for the children.  Check them out too – a very nice website ( and an absolutely great event.

And I’m back at the Shrewsbury Flower Show after a few years of absence.  So happy about that as it’s a lovely traditional event with some great performers and displays.  And right in the centre one of my favourite British small towns.  Well worth a visit.

The truly great Bunkfest ( winds up the summer 2014 in Wallingford.  What a great free Festival of folk music, steam and beer.  Last year’s was a top highlight with one of my favourite bands the Oysterband headlining.  And the new layout on the Kinecroft (which was the free grazing for pigs and cattle for the people of medieval Wallingford) has improved the event tenfold.

And next year’s Great War event in Middlewich in October promises some fantastic nostalgic moments.  Another new one for me too.

And of course all the annual favourites.  Llandudno, Hollowell and the mini-highlight the Betws Y Coed Ferret Derby.  All three have been on my annual Calendar for over twenty years.  The summer would not be the same without them.

Anyway, it’s lining up as another classic year, and I look forward to seeing you at one or more of the events. 

Christmas may not have been that great but the New Year, that’s a different story…

All the best from a road near you,

Mr Alexander

Mr Alexander