A personal note to my mystery benefactor

No of course you can read it if it isn’t you, but this is especially to the person who has sent me mysterious messages some with more materialising money.  I am pretty sure you are reading this as I have the feeling that you do follow my life quite closely, so I will make the assumption that you are an internet user and will read this blog soon. 

Thank you for your latest investment. I intend to buy a fez with some of it, which accords rather well with the theme of the writing inside the accompanying card.  For anyone else who is reading this, the handwritten message inside the card read

Honouring His Hat

His Hat Holds His Head
His Hat Holds His H’apennies
Holding His Hat High
He Hears Happy Hurrahs
Hatted He’s Humble, Honest, Hopeful
Hatted He’s Handsome, Heroic, Hilarious
Here’s Honestly Hoping
He’ll Have Huge Happiness
Hats H’off 2 Him

H. Hardhat (Hat lover)

The fez will be used in the new routine that has emerged over the winter (without me really doing anything to provoke it).  It’s a tribute to (but not a parody of) Tommy Cooper who was always a favourite performer of mine, and the fez will centre the routine appropriately as it has an eastern theme.  I hope you have a chance to see it sometime soon.

I agree totally with the message on the front of the card.  Einstein also said that ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’, a quote I always had up on my classroom wall when I taught for a living.  Without imagination, there is nothing and you certainly have more than an average portion of it.  Your intreaguing clues tantalise provocatively.  I am particularly beguiled by the South of England theatre connection.  It may be a smoke screen but I think that is where you are from.  Of course it could just be a red herring set up to make me think that… and is the ‘Hat lover’ a clue?

However I do need to say, on a serious note, that, much as I am touched and moved by your words (and enclosures), and will make good use of the investment, I would hate to think that you are depriving yourself of anything as a result and in many ways would rather say a proper thank you in appreciation and maybe offer you something in return for your gifts which have certainly helped me through a difficult period.  However, now that I am bringing in the occasional ha’penny, perhaps you feel you can say, if only privately, ‘OK it was me’ and allow me to thank you in person, and sleep at night without worrying that you might some day need that dosh yourself and I would have no way of knowing or being able to return the compliment/s you have paid me.

So come on, own up... take me out of my suspense... I promise I wont tell anyone or reveal your identity on these pages.

All the best from a road near you, maybe…

Mr Alexander

For those who kindly wished me a speedy recovery from my recent injury, thank you, it is mending slowly and although still very swollen, my ankle is going down gradually with the thrice daily application of the frozen peas.  I am hoping to be almost better in time for Ilfracombe and will struggle on till then!
Mr Alexander