The mystery benefactor is revealed (well to me!)

I have an important announcement.  All has been revealed. I now know who the mystery benefactor is (and was).  I am sworn to secrecy NOT to reveal who they are though because they want to remain anonymous, but I do now know who it was.  I think the person felt they had to let me know, especially that now my financial situation has improved somewhat. I do understand how this might be annoying for many of my readers, but I would like you to consider a couple of things before you turn off in fury and frustration.

If you consider this mystery to be a little like a piece of magic; mysterious, unexpected, remarkable and memorable.  Would you be really be happier if you knew how it was done?  All the particulars and details of how the smoke and mirrors were manipulated to effect that transformation? Or in fact are you really happier still to be in the dark, Amazed And Astounded And Actually Astonished At All Aspects (to parody my benefactor).  Of course you would, so that’s how it shall remain.  A Marvellous Mystery. I must say though, how very grateful I was and will always be for the generous, warm and caring contribution to my financial situation last year with the anonymous cash donations arriving unannounced in the post.  And all the creative and curious conundrums for me to attempt to solve, which kept my spirits up at a very low ebb. If ever they are in anything like a similar boat, I hope they will let me know so I can reciprocate.

Talking of generous contributions I must let everyone know how well the project to fund Maff’s amazing music is going.  I spent a couple of hours today putting together a fund starter website on Kickstarter ( Already, within one day, I have almost raised half of the required project funding.  I am humbled by this, and thanks to those who have given and thanks to those who have taken the time to check it out ( – I’ve had a few emails from people who say they will give something to the project when they’ve a little more funds.  Listen to me carefully.  I know what it’s like to have so little money you don’t know how you’re going to make it through the week.  Please only give if you really can afford it.  It is a great project but bread is more important than circuses. Especially if the bread is for those around you.

Enough said on the topic of money. On other topics; along with everyone else I am deep into preparation for winter mode.  At least the lorry is sound with no major mechanical challenges and, thanks to my friend Colin who spent this weekend furtling under the Passat (which he generously gave me when I had no car last winter) and which needed a pile of stuff doing to pass the MOT, it is now ready for the test and will now surely pass OK. So I will have a legal car with a tow bar again.  Oh the joys of twenty-first century life.

Cat’s Paw Theatre is readying itself for the winter tour of schools in North Wales.  The Welsh Assembly government has funded another year of schools shows, still on the topic of rape and sexual consent for 14 year olds and has requested us to have the tour translated into the welsh language for welsh-speaking schools.  This has been a great challenge but we have risen to it and next week are rehearsing a welsh-speaking cast into the piece and they are booked every day for three weeks in Gwynedd and Anglesey schools.  I am so proud of this work and hope that, if you are ever able, please come and see this other side of my performing life, particularly this production which opens young people’s eyes to the challenges of sexual relationships at a time in their lives when they can think of little else.

I can almost remember what that used to be like.

All the best from a road near you,

Mr Alexander
Mr Alexander