Ilfracombe Kickstarter campaign

Well the project to raise £1500 for the final weekend of the Ilfracombe Victorian Celebration is now live.  You can check it out on

I really hope you will feel able to pledge something towards this fantastic event. Those who have been following the story of my involvement in it will know that I offered my services to direct it about eight months ago and I said I would perform at the event for free in 2016. More or less ever since I’ve been furtling around in the background making things happen.  The result I hope promises to be exciting, different and, above all, fun.  The programme is due to be officially launched at Easter and until then I am determined to raise the money to allow the Gala Weekend (June 17th -19th) to be a spectacular success.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking.  What has this to do with me?  Why should I donate to an event I’m not even able to go to? Well I can say two things to that – Firstly perhaps you could come down to Devon for it.  Ilfracombe is a lovely place and we will make you feel really welcome.  Secondly, I’d like you to imagine that you’re popping that contribution into my hat at the end of a show, and if I’ve ever amused, entertained or enlightened you during one of my shows then here’s an opportunity to make a small contribution. 

Or even a large one….

Not only will you be allowing a lovely well-established event to survive, you will also be adding to the sum total of joy, happiness and well-being in the world. (I should have been a car salesman.) We are trying (the committee and I) to make the event really memorable this year, especially for local children and young people and we really need your help to make this happen.

Many events like this can receive grant funding and certainly we also believe this is the way forward in future years.  The problem is that the event has never done what is required of those grant-aided organisations, ie become a registered charity or a community interest company.  So far it’s just a loose association of dedicated individuals who want to do something for their community.  I say ‘so far’ because the committee is going to take those important steps towards becoming properly and legally constituted.  It’s just that the event needs to survive this year and prove to many local people that it is a worthwhile enterprise and to continue a track record now into its 29th year.

You can really help in this by pledging something towards it.  As you may know, no-one has to give anything unless we reach our target amount of £1500, and the money goes directly to the event.  No middle men… no admin fees… Kickstarter take a small percentage but I already have the promise by one giver to meet that amount if we reach the target so EVERY PENNY you give is coming to the event.

I’ve made my pitch.  Thank you for listening.  Next week I will be back to the usual stuff.  My strange life on the roads of Britain.  So in the meantime…

All the best from a road near you,

Mr Alexander

Mr Alexander