Full stage spectacular

Three different stage shows daily featuring magic, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion. Each show is set to classic vintage jazz and is accompanied by Mr Orbidans at the keyboard. Between shows, there is improvisation, close-up magic and audience interaction, so the site is kept alive permanently. Mr Alexander will also host and introduce others, from choirs to jazz bands, so the stage becomes an event facility that can be used by other performers and as a focus for announcements, prize giving, lost children etc. At night, extra shows including fire performances, can be included and, if required, a family film showing, complete with usherette, popcorn and eccentric projectionist.

£1800 for two days, plus travel. Single days sometimes possible. £poa here

Mix and Mingle

Weaving between the audience or around tables to present close up performances involving magic and juggling, performing to very small groups or individuals, the eccentric character of Mr Alexander is maintained throughout the experience and includes close up routines too small for the cabaret or stage shows. He also becomes the eccentric french Impressionist painter, Toulouse Lautrec, floating strangely around the site making jokes about the French Revolution and Brexit or he can be Verity V, a floating burlesque dancer who drifts through audiences and spaces, performing close up magic to small groups and individuals, moving in and around the audience, challenging perceptions of gender definition with mime, poetry and dance.

£450 a day plus travel


Suitable for more personal and private occasions, the cabaret show includes some of the amazing illusions, juggling and magic as seen in the full stage spectacular but adapted to a more intimate setting. It is ideal for family celebrations, adult-only audiences or when there isn’t the space for the stage or when an inside show is specifically required. It might include some close up magic around tables or Mr Alexander acting as MC for other performers. He regularly works alongside musicians or bands and comfortably improvises routines to live music and comperes with consummate skill.

£300 per show plus travel