Martin Orbidans, Mr Alexander’s accompanist

In 2017 Mr Alexander was joined by a musician of considerable talent.  Martin Orbidans had been resident pianist in the Royal Yacht Britannia for 5 years, including the time when the yacht was used for the honeymoon of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. He was given this prestigious role because he was a member of the Band of the Royal Marines. During the Royal honeymoon he became very friendly with Diana.  He remembers playing duets with her in the exquisite lounge of the Royal Yacht.

He has also played for many heads of state including Margaret Thatcher, Indira Ghandi, Anwar Sadat, Pierre Trudeau as well as all the commonwealth heads of state. He has performed all over the world and in every state capital in the USA.

Martin’s repertoire is extensive. He holds the audience spellbound with music from Cole Porter to Gershwin, from Scott Joplin to John Philip Sousa.

Martin sets up his keyboards in a bright red gazebo alongside Mr Alexander’s stage.  He plays from his own repertoire between shows and he and Mr Alexander have devised a new double act presentation which showcases their unique performance styles. Included are a musical tribute to The Archers with Mr Alexander juggling pink umbrella, feather duster and bright pink ball and The Pirate Song – a participational number with the audience doing the actions and singing along.