Press release - Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza (updated)

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Mr Alexander’s Travelling Show, a much loved traditional element of the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza, will not be invited to attend this year.

Over the years, many thousands of people have enjoyed Mr Alexander’s traditional Victorian Variety Show presented on what has affectionately been named Bog Island on Mostyn Street, and in previous years outside the Yorkshire Building Society.   His much-loved show of magic, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion will not be seen in Llandudno as a result of a decision made by the committee at the last minute.

‘I have had the Extravaganza on my calendar since last year and the Extravaganza website is still advertising that I will be there, ‘ said Mr Alexander. ‘I wrote to the committee after last year asking to talk about the 2016 event but heard nothing. I finally was asked a week ago to attend but it seems, in the middle of negotiations, they have suddenly changed their minds.  I’m really upset, not just because it will now be too late for me to find another engagement, but also because of the hundreds of people who are expecting me there this year.’

Mr Alexander’s Travelling Show has performed at the Extravaganza since the 1980s when the event was conceived by the late Margaret Lloyd.  Originally it was presented on the side of an old BMC lorry but his unique vintage stage has more recently been converted into a trailer and a few years ago moved from its original site to the current location.

‘It was the first thing people saw as they came into Llandudno, and it gave a real Victorian flavour to the event.  Perhaps I’m just too old now and they want younger blood.  Anyway I wish the event all the best for the future and I hope my many fans wont be too disappointed,’ said Mr Alexander. ‘They will see me at other events and can read my blog about my interesting life on the road’

Press release ends.

I thought I'd better add a perspective to the above.  I've sent it to all the North Wales newspapers so we will see how the story develops.  I will keep you all informed.

It is a great shame as the Extravaganza was a favourite venue of mine.  But I need to earn a living and I have always reduced my prices for events like Llandudno which I enjoy.  A review was needed and the fact that nobody bothered to come back to me after I wrote to them last year on the subject is an indication of the situation.  It is now too late to find another booking for a very popular weekend for events, so their incompetence has cost me.

However I am, as you all know, a man of principle.  I am not prepared to sacrifice my art for idiots or for people who can't be bothered to do things correctly and properly.

All the best from a road near you,

Mr Alexander

Mr Alexander