To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

I have been contemplating Twitter. You cannot escape it, that rather annoying, yet somehow tantalising hashtag pops up everywhere, but should I join in?  Am I a tweeter?  What’s it really like in the birdbath?  From the edge of the pool it looks cold and pointless, just a lot of birds splashing about following their own tails doing things they could easily do in other ways.  But then quite respectable people tweet too.  There’s a pool of people I almost admire who belong and flaunt their feathers like peacocks for all to follow.

I’ve done a little research and there’s a few good introductory online courses.  The one I like the sound of  ( is £42 but seems, from the free introduction, to be comprehensive and sceptical which is what I need.  I’m not convinced Twitter (would I really want to belong to anything that began with those four letters?) is right for me but I would like to examine all the pros and cons.  If there’s anyone among my viral readership who can advise I would be most grateful.  Just email, Facebook message, Whatsapp, phone or even (here’s a shout for the old fashioned ways), speak to me.  There may be something I am missing and there may be some unique and original way I can use it as part of the show, or even as an essential element to my life, that’s obvious to someone out there but to which I am innocently oblivious.  I look forward to hearing from you.

And so to Ilfracombe Victorian Celebration. I am taking a few days over half term next week to take the lorry and the dogs for a little early spring seaside break in Devon.  Well actually to spend some time meeting people and furthering the cause of Celebration.  I have not been idle since somewhat rashly offering to be the event’s Artistic Director last June.  It badly needed something.  Whether I am its panacea has yet to be revealed but at least I’m pumping its ailing heart and singing ‘Stayin’ Alive’ at the top of my voice.  There’s some evidence of a response but also a lot of people just standing by, shaking their heads, sucking their teeth and declaring, ‘I think we should call it.’  We will see.  The gala weekend is shaping nicely (June 17th -19th) and there are some very encouraging responses to my pleas for help from individuals and groups in the local community.  Next week I’m going live with a Kickstarter bid for it and will tell you more about that then. 

For now, if you’ve not been to Devon for a while, or have never visited Ilfracombe, why not plan a few days away in early summer (June 11th – 19th) in a beautiful classic Victorian seaside resort and join in the Celebration.  You will be made to feel as welcome as I have these last few years and will be supporting an event which was once and will be again a highlight of local community life. Dance, parades, music, theatre and art all with a slight Victorian twist, coming together for a ten days of joy and revelry.  Who could resist that? From ceilidh dances to ukulele workshops via Victorian Kitchen garden tasters.  And of course Mr Alexander’s Travelling Show with special guest appearances.  Watch this space for more information.

And for those curious about Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza, I am sorry to relate that no-one picked up my press release and that my demise from the event will be likely to go unmarked until my fans turn up to Bog Island to find I am not there.  I will miss them too.  I’ve had a good stand there over the years but this is show business and things always have to move on.  At this point it looks as though I will not be able to fill the gap in my calendar which, had the committee responded to my email a year ago, might be different, but heigh ho.  If anyone knows of a good early spring Bank Holiday event I can approach for next year please let me know. Just email, Facebook message, Whatsapp, phone or even (here’s another shout for the old fashioned ways), speak to me.  Or even tweet me, if I decide, like John Milton in his introduction to Comus, to ‘stretch my wings’ and fly with the birds.

All the best from a flightpath near you,

Mr Alexander

Mr Alexander